The Nigerian Military School (NMS) is organized into Headquarters (HQ NMS), Education Wing, Military Wing, Boys Battalion (BBn) and Administrative Company:

a.  HQ NMS. The HQ NMS is the administrative centre of the school. It coordinates the activities of all other wings, departments and cells in the school. The HQ is headed by the Commandant assisted by the Deputy Comdt. Other staff of the HQ include; the Adjutant, Finance Officer, RSM and Chief Clerk. Apart from coordination, the HQ also caters for the administration, welfare and general discipline of personnel, civilian staff as well as the corps members posted to serve in NMS.

b.  Education Wing.The Education Wing has the enormous responsibility of providing the Boys with academic training. The wing was established in 1962 when the school became a full-fledged secondary school. It was established as a result of the growing need for junior leaders to be well informed and knowledgeable to enable them administer troops under command. The wing also paves way for graduates of the school to gain admission into Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) and other higher institutions worldwide. The academic programme in NMS is therefore designed to provide the knowledge required to perform these roles and to also create opportunities for future academic and career development.

The wing is headed by a Chief Instructor Education (CI Edn) of the rank of Lt Col. He coordinates the academic activities of the school. The CI Edn is assisted by the Senior Instructor (SI) Edn, Staff Officer (SO)3 Edn, Wing Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) and Wing Chief Clerk as well as instructors comprising of personnel and civilian staff.

c.  Military Wing.The Military Wing was established at the inception of the school. The wing is responsible for planning, programming and implementation of all military and physical training packages. These training activities are aim at exposing the Boys to the required military skills and physical fitness to become soldiers. The wing is headed by the Chief Instructor Military (CI Mil) of the rank of Lt Col assisted by a SI Mil, SO 3 Trg, Wing RSM, Wing Chief Clerk and a team of instructors.

d.  Boys Battalion (BBn).The BBn is commanded by the Boys Battalion Commander (BBC) assisted by a Second-in-Command, Administrative Officer (AO), Bn RSM, Bn RQMS and Bn Chief Clerk. The BBn was established by the NA ORBAT in 1996 to provide an effective administration and management of the Boys. The aim is to reduce the HQ NMS, Military and Education Wings of the enormous tasks of administering the Boys especially after classes. The BBn is organized into the Bn HQ and 7 Training Companies each commanded by an Officer Commanding.

Initially the companies were named alphabetically, but in November 2003, Army Headquarters (AHQ) authorized the renaming of the companies to tally with important towns and cities in Nigeria with a view to promoting national unity and creating a sense of belonging amongst the Boys. The 7 Training Companies and their distinct colours are as stated below:

(1)Kaduna CompanyBlue Colour
(2)Lagos CompanyYellow Colour
(3)Ibadan CompanyRed Colour
(4)Enugu CompanyGreen Colour
(5)Abuja CompanyPurple Colour
(6)Calabar CompanyMaroon Colour
(7)Zaria CompanyPink Colour

e.  Administrative Company. The Administrative Company provides service support in the training and administration of Perosnnel and Boys. The company caters for the welfare, discipline and the general administration of the soldiers serving in NMS. The Company is headed by an OC assisted by the Company Second-in-Command, Company Sergeant Major (CSM) and Company Chief Clerk. The Company comprises of Drum Platoon, Catering Platoon, Medical Inspection Room, Signal Platoon, Motor Transport Platoon, Chaplain/Imam Departments and Quartermaster Platoon.

NMS Logo, Motto and Comdt Vision. The school has distinctive logo and motto as thus:

a.  Logo. The NMS as a symbol of identification has a distinct logo upon which there are 3 Stars which apart from signifying light, each of them, stands for discipline, knowledge and patriotism on green background. Beneath them is an eagle, which is noted for its gracefulness, strength and vision (we train and produce visionary future leaders for our Armed Forces and nation).

b.  Motto. In its determined efforts of imparting both military and academic training and moulding Boys into intelligent and hardworking boys, NMS has a motivating and inspirational motto of Discipline, Knowledge and Patriotism.

c.  Comdt Vision. To achieve the desired results in fulfillment of the NMS motto and dreams of the founding fathers, my vision is “To Consolidate on the Academic and Military Excellence of the Nigerian Military School Towards Building Nigerian Future Leaders.”.


Discipline, Knowledge & Patriotism

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