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  • You Must be a Male Nigerian and...

Interested candidates must be male Nigerians whose age should be between 12 and 14 years at the time of entry into Nigerian Military School, Zaria. All candidates must have completed their primary school education and must further fulfill the following additional requirements:

  1. Candidates must purchase and correctly fill the Application Form at when the admissions portal is opened to receive applications.
  2. Candidates must be medically and physically fit and must be of good moral character.
  3. Candidates are to report to the examination centre with the ORIGINAL COPY of their Application Form, Exam Photocard and Payment Advice as generated from the portal.
  4. Candidates must report at examination centre of their choice not later than 7:00am on the day of the examination.
  5. Candidates must sit for the examination at the centre they selected. No change of centre will be entertained 10 days to the closing date for applications.
  6. Candidates invited for selection interview will be made to undergo compressive physical and medical examinations.
  7. Candidates invited for selection interview will be required to come with original copies of Birth Certificate, completed Local Government Certificate of Origin, Exam Photocard and other materials to be announced and communicated to the candidates.

  • No, NMS is open to all male Nigerians who fulfil the given entry requirements.

  • No, NMS does not accept transfer students.

Sorry, the Nigerian Military School does not accept students on transfer from other schools. All candidtes must enroll at JSS 1 and then work hard and diligently to complete their education and training up to SS 3.

No physical or manual forms are avaialble. Interested candidates must fill and submit their Application Form online. Please note that the online Application Form can be accessed only within the application period.

Application for admission into NMS usually opens around February of every year and closes by middle or end of May. When the admission portal is opened, people who have ever sent a message to us via our [Contact Us] page will automatically be notified.

  • Application Form Fee is ₦3,000.00 Only.

Application Form into the Nigerian Military School attracts a token fee of ₦3,000.00 only; bank transaction charges apply separately.

The fee can be paid directly online while filling the application form or the Transaction Slip could be printed and taken to a Bank Branch for payment. This fee might be reviewed from time to time.

  • Yes, all Candidates must sit for the Entrance Exam!

All candidates must sit for the exams at their chosen Centre. Candidates are advised to report at their designated examination centres not later than 07:00 am on the day of Entrance Examinations.

Candidates who fail to sit for the Entrance Examinations for whatever reason are automatically disqualified.

  • Candidates Will Be Tested in Mathematics, English Language and More...

NMS Entrance Examination will test Candidates on Mathematics, English Language, Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude and General Knowledge.

  • Available for ₦1,300.00 Only

A compendium of past questions can be obtained from all the Nigerian Army Divisions and Brigade Education at the rate of One Thousand, Three Hundred Naira (₦1,300.00) only per copy.

  • You can write to us for more answers...

If you have some other questions that are not covered on this FAQs page, you can write to us on our [Feedback Page] and our Help Desk will respond within the shortest possible time.


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