A Brief History of NMS

The Nigerian Military School was established on 20 May 1954 with an initial intake of thirty Boys known as the “First Platoon”. At inception, the school was named Boys Company of Nigeria and the First Platoon was divided into 4 Houses, namely Exam, Inglis, Fairbanks and Swynuerton. However, its history can be traced to 1951 when...

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Administrative Structure

The Nigerian Military School (NMS) is organized into Headquarters (HQ NMS), Education Wing, Military Wing, Boys Battalion (BBn) and Administrative Company. The HQ NMS is the administrative centre of the school. It coordinates the activities of all other wings, departments and cells in the school.

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Chronicle of Command

The Nigerian Military School (NMS) has since inception been led by several distinguished Officers. First was Capt WU Bassey who was Commandant from 20 May 1954 – 31 Dec 1955. Today, the Commandant is Brig Gen JT Aun who assumed office since May 2021.

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Commandant’s Vision

"To re-energize the Boys’ training activities towards academic excellence and professional skills of soldiering."


Discipline, Knowledge & Patriotism

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