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WE ARE PLEASED to publish the list of candidates shortlisted for the 2021/2022 NMS Selection Board Interview. The selection interview will hold from 11 September – 25 September 2021 at the School. Shortlisted candidates are to report to the School unfailingly on 11 September 2021 along with the items listed below.


Each shortlisted candidate is to come along with the following items:

  1. General Requirements
    1. Original copy of Birth Certificate.
    2. Original copy of Local Government and State of Origin Certificate.
    3. Primary School Certificate and Testimonial.
    4. Original copy of Examination photo card printed from NMS admissions portal.
    5. Chest X-ray and film from a recognized Government or Military Hospital.
    6. A medical certificate of fitness from a recognized Government or Military Hospital.
    7. Clear passport photographs (4 copies).
  2. Personal Effects
    1. 2 x White Vests.
    2. 2 x Blue Short Knickers.
    3. 1 x Pair of White Canvas.
    4. 2 x Pairs of White Socks.
    5. 1 x Bathroom Slippers.
    6. 1 x Set of Cutlery.
    7. 2 x White Bed Sheet (21/2 Yards).
    8. 4 x Face Mask (Washable).
    9. 1 x Blanket.
    10. 1 x Bucket.
    11. 1 x Treated Mosquito Net.
    12. Toiletries.
  3. Writing Materials.
  4. Administration fees ₦15,000.00 (fifteen thousand naira) cash.
  5. For further information, please call 09055522283 or 09055522284.


Please click to view or download the complete list in PDF