Q: What Are The Entry Requirements Into NMS?

  • You Must be a Male Nigerian and...
  • Interested candidates must be male Nigerians who should have attained the age of 12 at the time of entry into Nigerian Military School, Zaria. Candidates must have completed their primary school education. They must also be medically and physically fit and must be of good moral character. Furthermore, Candidates would be considered for admission only if they follow the application procedures online through this portal; and only if they have been invited to the selection interview and they pass all requirements.

Q: Is NMS Only For Children of Military Personnel?

  • No, NMS is open to all male Nigerians who fulfil the given entry requirements.

Q: Where Can I Buy The Form?

  • Online, By Going To
  • Interested candidates must fill and submit their electronic Application Form (eForm) online only. Please note that the eForm can be accessed only within the application period.

Q: How Much Is The Form?

  • Application Form Fee is ₦2,300.00 Only
  • Application Form into the Nigerian Military School attract a token fee of two thousand and three hundred naira (₦2,300.00) only; inclusive of the bank transaction charges.

Q: Is There Entrance Exam Into NMS?

  • Yes, All Candidates Must Sit For The Entrance Exam!
  • All candidates must sit for the exams at their chosen Centre. Candidates who fail to sit for the Entrance Examinations are automatically disqualified.

Q: Do You Accept Transfer Students From Other Schools?

  • No, NMS Does Not Accept Transfer Students.
  • Sorry, the Nigerian Military School does not accept students on transfer from other schools.

Q: How Do I Pay For The Form?

  • Online, Through Bank-Issued Debit Cards (a.k.a. "ATM Cards").
  • Interswitch logo   MasterCard, Verve, Visa are accepted
    Payments for Application Form can be made online using bank-issued debit cards. It is convenient, fast and secure!

    The online payment system is powered by Interswitch; and accepted card types include Verve, Naira MasterCard, and Visa. To pay for any Application Form, follow these simple steps:

    1. If you are starting for the first time:
      • Go to and click Apply.
      • If the form is on sale, you will be able to fill in the form and generate your payment advice otherwise you will see a "Form Not Available" message.
      • When your payment advice is generated, click the Pay Now button and you will be transfered to the Interswitch Online Payment Platform where you can carefully fill in the required card details to complete your payment.

    2. If you have already filled the form but couldn't pay:
      • Go to and click Apply.
      • Log in using your application form number as your Login ID and your email, gsm phone number, or birth month as your password.
      • When your personal page opens, click "My Payment" section to commence payment or see payment status.

    If you have any problems concerning your payments, please write to us and our Help Desk will respond within the shortest possible time. Kindly register your complaints at our »Contact Us Page«.

Q: How Do I Know if my Payment Succeeds?

  • Through Immediate Notifications (On-Screen, E-Mail and SMS).
  • All online payment attempts are followed by instant on-screen notfications displayed to you. Results of all payments are displayed onscreen (successful ones in green, failed ones in red). In addition, notification emails are sent to the email addresses specified by applicants in their profile. Depending on availability, SMS message alerts are also sent to the GSM numbers specified by applicants.

Q: What Happens to my Money When Transactions Fail?

  • No Money is Deducted When Transactions Fail.
  • On the online payment system riding on Interswitch WebPAY platform, money is deducted from debit cards if and only if the transaction is approved by the issuing bank. If the issuing bank has any reason to decline the transaction, no money is deducted and a "Transaction Failed" notice is displayed onscreen, along with reasons for the failure (eg: "The amount requested is above the limit permitted by your bank, please contact your bank", or "Suspected Fraud, Pick-Up", or "Your bank has prevented your card from carrying out this transaction, please contact your bank", or "Insufficient Funds", or "Incorrect security details provided. Pin tries exceeded.", etc).

Q: What If My Transaction Fails Many Times?

  • The Portal Will Sort It Out Automatically.
  • Sometimes, your attempts to make payment may fail due to temporary network failure. If this happens, you will see a "Failed Transaction" error message. But you are given the opportunity to re-try the transaction again and, hopefully, get a successful result. This can be done by simply clicking the "ReQuery" button on the transaction slip page.

    However, if payment attempts fail again, then you know you have to »Contact Our Help Desk« to help you sort it out.

Q: Can I Get A Refund If I Change My Mind?

  • All application fees, once paid, are non-refundable!

Q: Can I Change My Exam Centre After Submitting My Form?

  • Yes, But For A Limited Time Only. . .
  • Candidates can revisit their form on the portal to edit and update their preferred Exam Centers and all other details as many times as necessary.

    However, the portal automatically disallows any further edits or updates of data 10 days to the scheduled date of Entrance Examinations.

Q: How Do I Know if I am Offered Admission?

  • Through E-Mail and SMS Notifications.
  • Successful candidates shall be notified through e-mail and SMS. It is therefore very important that you provide valid email and GSM number while filling the form, so that vital notifications will always reach you.

    The School may also decide to publish names of successful candidates on this portal; so you may want to check regularly for any new updates.

Q: More Questions? Please Write To Us!

  • You Can Write To Us For More Answers...
  • If you have some other questions that are not covered on this FAQs page, you can write to us on our »Feedback Page« and our Help Desk will respond within the shortest possible time.


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